Updating a pinpoint graph

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Whereas a large number of dedicated techniques have been recently proposed for static graphs, the design of on-line graph clustering methods tailored for evolving networks is a challenging problem, and much less documented in the literature.

Hover over the bar chart to see how many changes are in each version.

In both cases, the data goes thru a sequence of states; not only are the states represented explicitly (as text files or database tables) but also the transitions from one state to the other can be represented explicitly (either as editing instructions or SQL insert/update statements).

Difference ((v0, v1)) Since the transitions can be represented much more compactly than the pairs of states, and the sigma function is straightforward to compute, the deltas are useful for efficiently updating data distributed among two or more peers.

This paper discusses the problem of comparing two RDF graphs, generating a set of differences, and updating a graph from a set of differences.

It discusses two forms of difference information, the context-sensitive The use of text files to record programs, documents, and other artifacts is supported by version control systems such as RCS[Tich85] and CVS[Ber90] that are based on the ability to compute the difference between two text files and represent it as diff[Mill85], i.e. The use of database tables to record bank accounts and records of all sorts is supported by the relational calculus[Codd70] and its expression as SQL statements.

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