The dating disasters of sirius black

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Harry Potter never grew up in a caring household with a loving family, so when he entered the magical world he found friendships and a surrogate family.

His best of friends and the two men who were like father figures become treasured companions.

The staff are friendly but not the best service wise.

Their pizza is the best in town and you will always find one that you want, if not five.

this list is tailored very specifically to my tastes because it’s a personal archive, not a public resource.these recs are sorted in alphabetical order.

they are not divided specifically by genre, length, universe, or ratings.

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or if you’re an old shipper looking to revisit some fics or in need of some new ones.

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or if you’re just curious and have a lot of time on your hands.

whichever.*for every one fic here, there’s 10 that i’ve read but didn’t put in.

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