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See full summary » Tells the real life story of an 80 year old international jewel thief.

Features interviews with Doris Payne, her daughter and son, her childhood best friend and law enforcement officers. See full summary » A lesbian teenager unsuccessfully juggles multiple identities to avoid rejection from her friends and family.

When I tell people that I write about gender and culture for a living, one of the first questions that comes up is what I think about Lena Dunham. Everyone either has something to say or is in search of something to say — and thousands of think pieces later we still can't shut up.

As I begin to explain my opinion — which is mostly positive, save for a few reservations — I often come to see that they aren't really asking me what I think about Dunham. When it comes to Dunham, agnosticism is simply not an option. And why exactly is she such a magnet of gushing praise and bitter critique? Dunham is a very talented actress, showrunner, and writer, a young woman with a distinct voice that is humane, intelligent, and charming.

Crammed into school chairs and clustered in groups of three or four, they leaned together to confer and then shouted out answers to trivia questions like, “Fact or fiction: You can’t get pregnant from having sex in a hot tub.” Mississippi has among the highest teen-pregnancy rates in the country, and the teens most likely to get pregnant are college-age.

on Wednesday, the 11 students in Carol Jussely’s “Essential College Skills” class were talking about sex.

As students settled into their seats in Jussely’s classroom, a pony-tailed 21-year-old stood up and grimaced. Phil Bryant — “our Republican, tea party governor” — said in his 2012 inaugural address that he wanted to reduce teen pregnancies.

“He’s kicking,” she said apologetically, putting her hand on her belly. Doty, also a Republican, joined Bryant’s teen pregnancy task force and started doing research.

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I am reading the paper, and the bartender—23, maybe? She is explaining to the other patron that one element of the bummer is, because she was linked to guy and his friends on Instagram, she has had an automatic view onto his ongoing life.

.) I have decided that she, not yet 26, is a ferocious talent and pleasant provocatrix, journalistic and diaristic in her approach.

I have been thinking about “Who’s the Voice of this Generation?

"Lena" has become, in her character Hannah Hovarth's words, "the voice of [her] generation, or at least a voice of a generation," a Millennial Oprah of sorts whose public role is not just to make great art but also to mine that art for life lessons.

This tension between creative Lena and cheerleader Lena is most apparent in her new book, which could have been executed as a book of essays but was instead packaged as a kind of self-help book.

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