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Bravely speaking out about her horrifying ordeal on the Global Citizen, she said: 'The adult men that were part of the network were there for various reasons.'There was a lot of alcohol and a lot of drugs.

The children were a commodity, the highest and more valued commodity, and used for sex.'No child deserves what I went through, or what millions of children go through.'Children were scared into silence and members of the network killed those who threatened to go to the police.

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Anneke Lucas, 53, was sold into the murderous paedophile network in Belgium when she was just six years old in 1969.

Recalling her sickening abuse, she said: 'I was raped many, many, many times.

She told Mail Online: ''I had to do it [the rapes] because there was always the threat of being killed.'Children were killed.

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