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PROVAL A210 Series actuators are engineered and designed by using the 3D CAD design software and manufactured in the latest technology naching centres, strictly inspected during production and each actuator is 100% tested before delivery.

Projectiles or failing guns can be dangerous and result in life-threatening injuries, including cranial fractures, enucleation, and blindness if a person is hit.

It is also worth noting that while these two markers essentially tied for first electropneumatic markers to market, both designs were pre-dated (by years in some cases) by a series of homemade electropneumatic "kits" that modified pre-existing markers such as the Autococker or Sterling.

The increased availability and use of these markers also encouraged a movement that had already been chafing at the previous technology advances of paintball.

Getting started: Guide to using this website Tech toolbox Shocker SFT Frequently asked questions Parts of a Shocker: (technical information, theory, upgrades, etc) Section 1: Body Vertical adapter Firing assembly Firing assembly design & theory Breech section (detents, SFT o-ring, barrel, etc) Solenoid inserts / body set screws Section 2: Frame Frame Trigger Powerswitch actuator & frame/body reassembly Lower circuit board Section 3: Solenoid Solenoid (solenoid, types, manifold, spacer screws) Upper circuit board & Vision system Section 4: Regulators, ASA, and air source Private Label Shocker SFT Guide Nummech Shocker Bodies Nummech Shocker Shocker Design & Changes General equipment tech (back to tech mainpage) Adjusting and maintaining Section 1: Adjustment Trigger adjustment Setting Electronics and Pressure Setting NDZ adjustable bolt guide Flipped trigger microswitch mod Spring bolt mod Section 2: Maintenance Regular maintenance / bolt kit Solenoid Regulators Infrequent maintenance (SFT o-ring, solenoid inserts, etc) Troubleshooting and repair Section 1: Shooting/leaking problems General shooting/leaking problems Solenoid manifold leaking problems Section 2: Electronics problems General electronics problems (solenoid, LED, trigger, battery, etc) Vision malfunction How to repair a broken powerswitch Grip screw damage information How to repair grip screw damage Introduction: Enter the Shocker SFT, one of the smallest and lightest fully-electropneumatic markers available during its prime.

The Shocker features a very compant, single-bore design which uses only one main moving part (bolt).

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