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I think I am making this more complicated than needs be?Except as provided in subparagraph (B), that portion of the distribution which is not a dividend, to the extent that it exceeds the adjusted basis of the stock, shall be treated as gain from the sale or exchange of property.To the extent the distribution is made in the form of property, rather than cash, the taxability is generally measured by the fair market value of the property distributed.

The characterization of distributions from a C Corp will be generally determined at the end of the tax year, rather than at the point when the distribution is actually made.

S, shareholders can be subject to an almost infinite variety of taxability on distributions received from a corporation.

The tax results can range from tax-free return to return of capital, capital gains, the current favorable federal 15 percent dividend rates on "qualified dividends" (generally dividends received from a domestic C Corps) or the highest ordinary rates — depending on the specific facts.

C corporations, like flying, were once a choice of last resort.

The aversion of most taxpayers to doing business as a C corporation was attributable to the possibility of suffering a fate worse than death: DOUBLE TAXATION.

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