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Adkins knows a thing of two about reinventing himself. Along the way he’s earned accolades from Trumpian-types who love his tell-it-like-it-is approach.

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In the 2012 case, the woman told the state in advance of testifying that "she hears voices [and doesn't] know if when she testifies it is from 'the voice' or from her head," the motion states.

He was originally accused of sex crimes by three women, but charges related to the other two women have been dismissed. A judge allowed the case to go forward as scheduled after rejecting an attempt by Mc Allister's defense to dismiss the case. Mc Allister, who was facing a sex-crimes trial, says that he was forced into and didn't understand the 'no contest' plea deal he accepted in January. The Burlington Free Press does not identify people who say they are victims of sex crimes without their permission.

Mc Allister's lawyer Bob Katims had written in a motion that the state did not disclose information about the alleged victim's mental state until early June. Norm Mc Allister and the state jog between conference rooms at Vermont Superior Court in St. According to the motion, the woman had perjured herself while under oath in a domestic assault case in 2012.

— Kenneth Adkins sits in jail and ticks off the hours … Or perhaps there’ll be a national appetite for an “Apprentice”-type reality TV show where former convicts like himself vie for jobs on the outside, something he floated to the Times-Union sometime around Day 158.

Perhaps he’ll go to work and advocate for coeds who attend historically black colleges in the Atlanta area, or so he said on Day 216 behind bars.

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