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He loves to smile and generally smiling people and smile, loves to ride on a snowboard. Dislikes secretive people do not like envy, and aggression. Yulya got the opportunity to become a model for the cover of the magazine "Yes".The spark was born years ago and the time to light this fire has come. Julianna believes that in order to achieve fame must work, work and more time to work. His first fee she would have sent to the Foundation for Children of Beslan. In the end it was Christos Milordos to take the trophy with more than 11,000 votes.

Will this stressful but also wonderful experience make their friendship grow and develop into something more?So ranking them already asks a lot for me: it means i must get out og my head what I also would like.Because, as so many of our friends who hate esc do, I could just go “this is crap, I don’t want to hear it again” to all the songs I don’t care for, and I don’t end up with an actual ranking, but more or less groups of songs.text and source: Today the Organization of Eurovision Party (Municipality of Setúbal and OGAE Portugal) gave a press conference at Lounge Café in Setúbal, the host city. The representative of the Municipality talked about the importance of the event in the city.The president of OGAE talked about the expectations of this event, introduced all the artists and events related to Eurovision party next weekend andf also introduced the last artist, Carlos Costa, 3 place at Pop Idol Portugal 2009.

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