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We were not sinning sexually, but they thought that we were being unwise. I arrived at the Masters College with a desire to serve the Lord for the rest of my life, I had never dated before and was not prepared to enter into a relationship.

Little did I know that on the first day of school I would meet the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

Part of me just wants to give up on marriage and get on with making my life as good as possible without a husband." I think a lot of singles feel this way. Some of my friends are in their late 30s and 40s and still unmarried; I can only imagine the temptation to pack up shop and embrace "Plan B" — life without marriage.

We began hanging out, and very soon we were studying together, having meals together, and pretty much spending hours a day together.

And despite the fact that we were being pure, we were risking a great amount.

Around that same time, another single friend told me, "It hurts to keep hoping.

As we talked more, I realized something: Sometimes it's easier to embrace an unwanted outcome than to keep hoping for God to fulfill long-held desires.

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