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Leping gets on the desk and daddy Mike starts eating out that sweet Asian hole.

Once the hole is nice and wet, Daddy Mike forces his fat dick inside the Asian twink and gives him a hard bareback fucking.

Will come off as overly sexual possibly even agressive and enticing but will become posessive and demanding after intercourse.

Has been known to call 8, 9, 15 or more times per day and will show up at your home or work un announced if ignored.

Meanwhile, the man comes home and began to rape the woman.

We kept hooking up over the next few months, and the sex was beyond spectacular - including a quickie in the women's washroom.

Leping moans as Daddy fucks him, but he needs this job.

After some hot bareback fucking, Daddy pulls out just in time to shoot his load all over Leping's tiny Asian dick. CLICK HERE TO EXPAND THE POST AND SEE THE REST OF THE FREE CONTENT If you haven't checked out Peter Fever lately, you really should.

She knew all my sensitive areas without me telling her. She was my first Asian, my first 30 year old and my first with DD breasts.

She had high cut boots that must have been 5 inch heels. "I hear you're a player that gets around." "You've heard wrong Priscilla." I'm like, what is her fucking deal here? I could only cum if I was on-top, hitting it from behind or standing up. This chick knew what she was doing with that tongue all over my nipples and neck. "I love the feeling of a man cuming." Me too Priscilla. I fucked her once more and came all over her stomach. Then she drove me back to school where I did my very best to study that night (or I should say, early morning).

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