Adult female wanting spqnked by mother

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When he calls for me to be spanked, I have to obey so that I learn to be the submissively-obedient girl I should be.

I am spanked so often because I am spanked by my male next-door neighbor who just enjoys spanking me with Just-Because Spankings. And, he restrains me when he spanks me and will spank me harder if I resist being restrained or resist getting ready to be spanked, like letting him take my clothes off.It was just moments after Alice had hung up the phone that she heard her son, Rob, enter the house, and rather quietly he scurried upstairs to his room. In the six years that her husband, Rob's dad had essentially abandoned them, Rob had really given her no problems what so ever. Never did she ever expect to be dealing with type of situation with her son.Hmmm, she thought, that was somewhat unusual for her son, who always checked in with her when he got home. He had great grades, had great friends, excelled in sports, dated some nice girls and had been an all around very supportive son. To top it off, this had awakened her own memories of her past .Clare has sent Double Dan into the office to confront Sunny X about some missing money.He puts the curvy bottomed lady over his knee and spanks her hard until she confesses.

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